Monday, July 29, 2013

I am blessed...

My life has been so wonderful this past year with everything exciting and new unfolding right before my very eyes.  Being able to look back into my life and see the BIG picture, this is something not everyone gets the opportunity to see in their lifetime.  I am SO blessed!  Yet, every now and then something will trigger something that makes me keenly aware of all that I have lost.  Things I have lost: not meeting my Mother, not being able to grow up with my sister and brother, not meeting my many aunts, uncles and cousins, I missed out on the day to day typical family love and challenges with my Mother and siblings.  So I allow myself a little pity party and move on once again to being grateful. I am very grateful for connecting with my siblings at the age of 50, grateful that we truly love AND like one another and desire to be in one another’s lives.   I am so BLESSED!


  1. You know Ann that is how I have to live too. I missed a lot of things in my own life. I have stopped to have many pity parties a long the way. And then I go on. I think that is the only way to combat bitterness - if you stayed feeling sorry for yourself you would become bitter not better. sandie

  2. Every time I have been around you and you talk of your new found siblings, you can see the love and joy on your face and in your heart. That's a real deep down blessing. :-)