Thursday, April 4, 2013

Catholic Charities....

After our “reunion” I got to thinking about my Father, who was he? How can I find him? Is it important to find him as maybe he was just a sperm donor? Maybe he is meant to be unknown as the paperwork showed.  Maybe if Dorothy wanted me to find him she would have not listed him as ‘unknown’.  Maybe she told him she was pregnant and he bolted.  Or maybe if my hunch was correct that he was a business man traveling, that she would have had no way to reach him to tell him she was pregnant.  Maybe besides a first name she knew nothing more about him which really did make him ‘unknown’. Or maybe she chose not to tell him as she did not love him.  Or maybe she did not want to raise another child at the age of 39 as she just couldn’t do it again.

I telephoned Catholic Charities; I spoke with a compassionate gentleman named Tom.  I wanted Tom to know immediately that I knew my Biological Mother’s Name, date of birth, address and social security number and that my Father was unknown.  I gave Tom my parent’s full name as that is who my adoption files were listed under.  I provided him dates and told him I had my original birth certificate.  Tom asked me that being I have everything I could want what exactly did I want from him?  So I told him.  I wanted him to look in my file and tell me if there was any type of note on my Mother, maybe the smallest detail would bring me peace.  I explained to him that I searched for Dorothy and that I found her deceased and that I was devastated at finding her deceased.  I told him I have a sister and a brother and we have met and will continue to be in one another’s lives, and that is wonderful to me, but I still need more for my peace of mind regarding my Mother.  I told him I just want to know if there was anything at all in my file about my Mother Dorothy that he could share with me.  He wrote everything down and told me due to the year of my birth 1962 my file was archived.  He would have to go to where they keep the archives in another part of town.  He said it would take a week or more he took my number and told me he would call me. 


  1. On the edge of my seat...that was probably a long week...

  2. that's cool - that files could possibly be in paper form somewhere - AND - that a gentleman is going to investing himself in your quest . . . what a brilliant adventure