Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Father...

At our reunion I discovered what I had thought, that Mary, Michael and myself do not share the same Father.  Dorothy married a man named Clarence when Dorothy was 19 years of age.  Dorothy shortly thereafter gave birth to Mary and Michael followed 5 years later.  Then Dorothy and Clarence divorced, Clarence moved to Oregon and was never seen or heard from since. 

In order for Dorothy to support two children she had to work and work hard.  By day Dorothy worked in a diner, early morning and afternoon shifts.  Dorothy wanted to be home for when Mary and Michael returned from school.  Then after a short break of seeing her children she then got herself ready for her evening job.  She worked at an upscale restaurant where the tips were better than the diner.  She worked long and hard and was very dependable to her employers. 

Naturally my question to Mary and Michael was do they remember Dorothy dating anyone, if so maybe we three could figure out who my Father was.  Quickly they both responded that Dorothy had no time to date, no time for friendships, no time for any kind of life as all she did was work and provide for her children, barely making ends meet.  Both Mary and Michael said that never did Dorothy bring home anyone to meet them.  They never knew of a man in Dorothy’s life and believe that Dorothy would not have had time for a companion.  Dorothy rarely had time for anything but work and her children.  She didn’t even go out with her best girlfriend, Barb; there was just no time for a life outside of work and her children.

So who is my Father?  Here is what I think; I think that Dorothy met someone at the upscale restaurant which is still in business to this day.  Maybe a customer that was on a business trip that happened to just stop in for a nice meal, before turning in to start another day.  Maybe while Dorothy was waiting his table they sparked up a conversation and maybe after Dorothy got off from work they enjoyed a glass of wine together and maybe one thing led to another.  I am in no means trying to imply that my beloved Mother Dorothy was “easy”, but things happen, people get lonely, sometimes we just go with the flow not thinking of the consequences.  These are just my thoughts on the subject, I certainly could be all wrong.

I made mention once when talking with Michael recently about this same subject that I was “just a mistake”.  Michael quickly telling me to “take that back, I was not a mistake”.  That made me smile.


  1. Do you have peace with not knowing? Is there any chance Barb is alive and may know or have you searched every avenue? Maybe I even missed some of this because I am not all caught up yet :) I am hooked on the story of your life though :) Many blessings.

  2. God does not make mistakes. Sandie

  3. Sandie beat me to it, God makes no mistakes. He has a plan, one we are not privvy to on all levels, and when you only look at anything from one point of view you are missing the other hundred or thousand other views of the same event or person or action or reaction. I believe in time, maybe in the hereafter, you'll get all the answers to this. If not, then when you get to Heaven, even caring about all this won't matter, just simply because you'll be in Heaven, with Jesus and everything that happened here on Earth will just be a process to get THERE. And these are just my thoughts on that. I too could be all wrong. Peace my friend. Go with what you defintely know, and maybe you'll learn more as time goes on.

  4. if i remember correctly, God said you were PLANNED - You were Knit together - You are a marvelous creation and blessing of the Holy One.
    just sayin'

  5. Biological Mother’s Name how did you get it.

    How did you get her name dorthy and not justlast name.

    So you were able to get alott of info with first and last and address?

    That is such a blessing.

    So far I have read 20 blogs so far. I also have written a private email from your blog to you.