Monday, March 18, 2013 Grandmother's name

My friend Gina, who I attended grade school and high school with, was into genealogy.  She tracked her Mother’s and Father’s side of her family all the way back to the beginning of time.  She also did the genealogy on her husband’s family.  Plus she helped others out in tracing back their family trees.  I was only interested in finding out more about Dorothy and if Dorothy had other children besides me.  Gina and I met and talked for hours and by the end of the first week I knew Dorothy's parents were Joseph and Anna.  Remember me telling you that Dorothy named me Anna Christine?  Well when Gina told me who Dorothy’s parents were it reinforced that Dorothy did love me.  Dorothy named me after her own beloved Mother, Anna.  If you choose to name your child after one of your parents that is a sign of love.  Dorothy named me Anna after her own beloved Mother before sending me out into the world.  Anna, my Grandmother, was to watch over me once Dorothy sent me on my way. 


  1. Your grandparents have Holy Names . . . No surprise there because -Look at YOU!!!
    Anna - Lady of Grace . . . (Graceful Child of Christ = You)

    Love & Love to You,

  2. That is so very very very sweet - hugs. sandie

  3. G is so right on, you are a lady and graceful...everytime I read this I KNOW your Mother Dorothy loved you! Anna is a pretty name.