Tuesday, March 26, 2013

more of the conversation....

I mentioned to Mary in our conversation that I would mail her a copy of my birth certificate if she needed to see proof that I am Dorothy’s daughter.  Mary said and this I do remember word for word, “Oh Carol, I don’t need to see any proof, you look exactly like Dorothy”. This gave me chills, happy chills.  Mary said when she opened the letter that my pictures fell out.  Mary said she didn’t know who I was but knew I was related to her.  Dorothy was 5’8, I am 5’8.  Dorothy had hazel eyes, I have hazel eyes.  Dorothy had natural blonde hair, I have natural blonde hair.  My facial features are exactly like Dorothy’s: ears, eyes, nose, cheek bones, everything is the same.  I found out Dorothy was quiet and serene, me, not so much.  Dorothy saved 4 cents of every nickel, me, not so much.  Dorothy was a very private person, me, not so much.  Dorothy loved to embroidery, me, I never tired it, I will someday as I might have a talent I have yet to discover. 


  1. You Scrapbook - today's embroidery - You watch how you spend (purchased a house - something not easily done in Dorothy's Day) - You keep your own counsel - and are at Peace with the Lord . . . (that IS quiet & serene) I do agree, you have talents yet to be discovered . . because you are God's Kid.
    love & love,

  2. I am with you on the talent - but you have talents that are your own! sandie

  3. I got chills reading this, too. What wonderful thoughts and discoveries.

  4. This is one of my favorite parts to your discovery story of your birth Mom! G's right too, you know. You teach me all the time to sit quiet and pray to Jesus everyday and THAT is one of your blessings to me. I don't do it yet everyday, but more than before. Your serenity in life may be different than Dorothy's, I think everyone has a unique way to be in the world. We're just blessed you're sharing your time on this planet with us. I hope this story gets read by someone that needs encouragement...any adoptee could learn a lot from you!