Monday, March 25, 2013

Conversation continued...

I found out so much from my conversation with Mary that day.  Dorothy was one of 10 children, 3 boys and 7 girls.  All of whom are deceased with the exception of one, my Aunt Viola who currently lives in Iowa.  As of today writing this post I have yet to meet her, Lord willing I will be meeting her this upcoming May and will of course post of that reunion. 

Of the nine deceased brothers and sisters all died before the age of 60 with the exception of two, Clara lived until 75 and Lawrence lived until 69. 

My mother, Dorothy died at age 58 from Cardiomyopathy. Dorothy suffered a stroke at the young age of 50 and ended up incapacitated and in a full time nursing facility where she died 8 years later.   

Mary was quick to tell me that heart disease runs in the family and I should be sure to get that checked out.  I actually do have Mitral Valve prolapse, which is quite common and minor, I have it monitored by having an echocardiogram every other year. 


  1. And you set a great example for our community by taking great care of yourself - And encouraging others to do the same.
    love & love,

  2. You mom was so young to die - and I am glad you are taking good care of yourself - can't wait until the next part. sandie

  3. I can see knowing one's biological family's genetics and health history as very important. It's a shame that in the 60s when unwed mothers were shunned that they didn't think to inform everyone in adoption services about this necessary information. I'm glad you're still here with to tell your story and lead by example!!! Love you!! Sue